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Full Version: Blacklist disable
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there is a parameter that disable the blacklist for the T2X models? Or that disable the blacklist editing at least?
Sorry we don't have such parameter to disable this, could you let us know why do you want this? You don't want user to add some number to blacklist?
Could you let us know more about your scenarios application?
Yes, it's a request from an our customer with 600 yealink phone.

They want more control on what the user can do with the telephone because some users had abused of the blacklist features and now they want manage the blacklists only from the PBX.
I would like this feature, too. I have a setup of 48 W52P's (with 160 W52H's) and I do not want user to be blocking any callers. The users are doing this accidentally and it's a pain to troubleshoot, especially since the blacklist is not manageable or even readable from the base web page.
how to disable Blacklist from autoprovision?
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