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Full Version: labels on line keys
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Hello, using T38G with latest firmware, how can I label the line keys if they are set to Line function? When set to Line function in the web GUI, the label field is not editable.

But to clarify, maybe I am doing the wrong config for my needs. We have 6 incoming lines, and I want all phones to use the 6 line keys for any call to/from the PSTN. If Line 1 is active, then Line 2 is used, and so on, so any incoming PSTN call can be answered at any phone, and any phone can make a call to the PSTN on any of the 6 lines. Is this functionality what the "Line" function is for?

Hi Engine,
1. If you want to set the label of line, you can set it in the account webpage.

2. You can register these accounts on any phone, and you can assign all the line keys to the same accounts, so on other phones, they can receive other incoming calls with this accounts.
Thanks, this is helpful.
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