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Full Version: Install zoom client on CP960
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I would like to ask - it is possible to install regular zoom client application on CP960 device?
I tried to some approach with provisioning but I failed.
Because the CP960 is based on Android it should be possible to install zoom client on it?
If it is - how could be done?
Has anybody some clue about the way of installation or maybe there is some document how this installation could be done?
I will be helpful for any directions.
There might be a way to do it (via provisioning) but why don't you specify first exactly what the "some approach with provisioning" you tried was, and how you saw it failed?
I found some paper about provisioning Deploying and Managing the Applications on Yealink Smart Business Phones
unfortunately, the manner is described for other models than CP960.
But based on these document I made web server where I put the Zoom application in xapk format.
I downloaded the config file from the phone and added line with the description where the Zoom apk file is located, namenly app.install_url = address to apk file
And when I tried to make auto provisioning I obtained communicate that everything was sucessfull but I can not see the zoom application installed on the phone.
So I suppose that something was wrong with the installation during provisioning. I expected that I would see zoom application installed on the phone.
Unfortuantelly I'm not able to find any different instruction about installing software on the CP960 conference system.
If it could help I can describe my approach even with screenshots what I tried for intalling the zoom application.
(05-30-2023 07:13 PM)gnieradka Wrote: [ -> ]... But based on these document I made web server where I put the Zoom application in xapk format.

XAPK is not an Android application file supported by Android, so it certainly failed to install. You need an APK file (or some other app to install an XAPK file, but not sure that the Yealink phone will allow one app to install another.)
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