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Full Version: RPS - what is the IP status column? Bind/Unbound?
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I've always been confused by what the "IP status" column means in RPS. It shows either "Unbound" or "Bind". What does that mean in relation to the IP address? I have phones that will have a different IP address regularly. Are they being "bound" to their first connected IP address somehow? And what does the "reset Connection" button do that changes the phone from Bind back to Unbound? What does this mean? I can't find any information on the documentation about it.

There is talk in the docs about a device being "bound" to an enterprise -- but that is by MAC address, not IP address, and is about a phone being part of my enterprise list. So I do not understand what the "IP status" binding is referring to? If a phone is marked as "bind" with a specific IP address, does that mean that it won't update when it connects from a different IP address?

I've got 180+ devices in RPS -- 100 say "bind" and 80 says "unbound" -- and have never quite understood what was meant by that part nor do I see any difference between them with the phones.

Thank you!
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