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Full Version: BLT60 with WH66 does not sync status changes
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Just bought a WH66 Teams-Certified headset-dock and BLT60 busylight to test for our org and the busylight does not work as expected. No matter what combination we try, Teams statuses (manually changing user's Team status) will not affect the busylight. It automatically turns red if we're in a call or in a Teams (or even Zoom) meeting. The settings are set to Sync but it does nothing to the light. Manually changing the status on the dock itself to Available (green) or DND (red) will change the light but that's not ideal.

Updated to latest firmware
Multiple PC & Dock resets
Reseated every plug possible

The light works but doesn't work as we've come used to with Kuando. I see a BLT60 Rom that can be manually downloaded but not able to manually load that rom through Yealink Connect. Searched the forums, yealink kb, and the googlesphere; no luck. Tossing this out to the community/support to see if you all have any ideas. TIA!
I'm having an issue a BLT-60 as well. I'm connect to my Windows 10 Pro NUC and a Yealink T57W.

I can pull USB from the phone and it stays red. I can pull the USB from the PC and it stays red. The only thing that works is a full power cycle. It first comes back on red but does go off after a few seconds. Rebooting from USB Connect has a slightly different effect. The light is off as soon as it reboots.

I've also tried exiting Teams, Zoom, and my softphone on the PC with no change in the red light status.
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