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Full Version: Functionality with Panasonic PBX
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First of all, i know very little about phone systems...

We are trying to get a Yealink T46S to work on a panasonic pbx. Our phone tech is a panasonic expert but has limited knowledge of yealink. 2 issues we currently have which I'm hoping someone can tell me if they can be resolved.

1. I have set up the google contacts sync however it is only downloading 62 out of thousands of contacts. Any idea why that would be happening? It comes up with the message that it has successfully downloaded the contacts.

We don't have to use google contacts but i need some way of linking approx 5000 contacts to the yealink.

2. We use ring groups through the PBX. Client calls in and presses 1 or 2 and the call rings differently depending on the number they press. The yealink didn't seem to recognise the different groups. I wondered if the yealink could have more than 1 identity that the PBX could send a call to? Would that give the desired effect? (Keep in mind i know very little about phone systems so I may be way off the mark!)

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