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Full Version: WH62 only rarely stereo - impossible with discord
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It is very hard to get the WH62 into stereo mode. I am on thge latest firmware, "Music mode" is on.

There are apps like Discord, that switch the WH62 to mono.
A small ip-phone app "MicroSip" also does this. But also ending those apps does not bring back stereo sound.

So the WH is not usable as normal windows headset.
When gamiong, it is impossihble to play many gamnes with mono sound. You need to be able to hear, where Your opponents are.
But nowadays we are using Discord instead of TeamSpeak.
When Discord is launched and using tghe WH62, it falls back to Mono. So it is unusable and I need to use my old, heavy, ***** headset. Sad
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