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Full Version: Trouble getting set up
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Hello. I just received a W60B + W56H bundle, and am struggling to get it working. Two problems: I have a wireless Sagemcom router with a phone adapter, and I can never resolve an IP for the base station. Also, the time and date settings never persist.

Problem 1, IP addressing: I'm currently working with my ISP to figure this out, but I spotted another thread a few days ago where another user reported not being able to get an IP address using a specific router, and I speculate that I may have the same issue. I'm grateful for any insight, but otherwise I await tech support from my ISP before we start looking into it here. It is possible that I have simply connected the wires to the router incorrectly, so I want to check that first...

Problem 2, time and date settings don't persist: I have repeatedly tried to set time and date, but it never sticks. Why? Will it only take time and date from NTP? Is there some other system setting I have to set before this works?
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