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Full Version: Zero Touch Auto Provisioning with YDMP?
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We have just deployed a new YDMP server and this has been licensed.

We have configured our DHCP server with option 66 to point to https://x.x.x.x/dm.cfg

The phones are now automatically connecting to the YDMP server and we can manually manage them.

We realise we can manually manage them by site and device type, but this is not what we really want to do for the initial “out the box” setup.

We are trying to setup a zero touch deployment where we can plug in a new phone, it automatically downloads the firmware and then pulls the config without any interaction being required in YDMP?

Do we need a separate FTP/TFTP/HTTP server to achieve this, or can this setup all be achieved using the YDMP server?

Looking at the Yealink SIP IP Phones Auto Provisioning Guide V1.5 it implies we need another setup, which seems strange as YDMP is a purchased product; are we missing something?
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