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Full Version: W57r DECT handset using emergency alarm button as speed dial
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This is an FYI , tip post.
Just got one of the DECT W57r model handsets. I noticed it has this emergency dial button on the top of the phone but out of the box with 3cx it was not configured to do anything. A common complaint with the DECT phones is they have no BLF features which is understandable given the small size, but unfortunate.

I found I can use this emergency alarm button as a hard speed dial button. In my case, we are not going to use it for emergency calling, but instead I want it to speed dial the Shared Parking extension to pickup a call someone else has placed on park more easily.

So I go into the base station configuration under
I edit the first template and call it Park0
Alarm type: Button
Trigger delay: 1 (cannot be 0)
Leave the rest default

Next I go to Account->Alarm assignment
Pick the handset from drop down,
Set Alarm number to the dummy extension I created in 3cx that forwards to SP0
(I cannot get the phone to dial SP0 directly as it will not send the alpha characters from what I can tell)

So in 3cx the common hack is to create an extension and change the forwarding options to forward to number "SP0" or SP1, SP2 etc. I create an extension like 000 or 001 etc fowarding to those lines to make calling or transferring to shared park easier from DECT, mobile app, and ATA devices.

The one concern I had was if autoprovisioning in 3cx would overwrite this setting. At this time it appears the 3cx provisioning template does not overwrite this setting though at any time a future update of the 3cx templates might add these items to their provisioning template which could cause the setting to stop working. But for now pressing Auto Provision did not overwrite these manual settings of the base station.
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