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Full Version: T29 Park reminder
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I am using PBX software , I would like to setup a PARK reminder on the the T29 phones , so if a call is left on park it will beep back after some time ,

I found reference to an older firmware that had

FEATURES -> CALL PICKUP -> Audio Alert for Parked Call , Im using and not seeing this in the newer firmware ,

is this only a broadview feature maybe ?

this feature is OK in the newest firmware firmware download link :

path show as below , please note that Audio Alert for Parked Call can only be configured when Visual Alert for Parked Call is Enabled.

I updated the phone to but the Call Pickup area doesnt show the Park settings , I tried a couple browsers , F5 etc tp make sure the page wasnt cached ,
it seems this is a Broadsoft feature only ? can it be implemented is a standard SIP phone version , its a very usable feature ,
Hello Guys,
Is there any update on this?
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