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Full Version: Teams A30 MeetinBar Reboot loop issue.
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Posting in case this helps others. (And maybe in case Yealink development want to take a look)

I had a weird issue with a Teams A30 MeetingBar.

On boot it got to the Teams screen (the one with the "meetings today" list) and then immediately rebooted. It'd happily do this for hours!

Traced it to the display in use. If I boot the A30 with the display switched off, wait for the green LED to turn yellow-green (ie finished booting), then switch on the display all works fine. If I switch the display on first it just goes into the reboot loop.

The only slightly unusual thing about the display was that it has a Microsoft wireless display adapter plugged into another HDMI port.

My guess (only a guess) is that whatever process is running just after the main screen displays is terminating abnormally and taking the O/S with it.

When I get the A30 back I'll try a few more tests to pin it down some more.
We have several of these A30's and A20's. Running latest firmware, 133.320.0.39, the CTP18 is running 137.320.0.50.
Systems are rebooting randomly throughout the day. Tried factory restoring the systems, attached to different Teams accounts. Nothing works.
We have logs we can provide if needed.
Currently have a YeaLink ticket opened but they are not providing assistance.
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