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Full Version: Cell-Phone-Like XML Directory Search
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Hi everyone!
Following up my post in the configurations section, it seems that the Feature I have in mind is not implemented by default in any firmware version and would require substantial work to implement on our own using the XML Browser.

What we'd need (in a few words):

We need a way to search through an external address book provided via XML on the T26/T28 series? (as well as on the newer T3xx series)

We have somenthing in mind that just works like on a cellphone...
- I just open the Phonebook via Softkey and then I get my list of contacts

- If I want to contact e.g. George Schulz i Would press 6(G) 33(E) and then the list would be narrowed down to for example

Geerd VanZandt
Gerhard Miller
George Schulz

If I then pressed 666 (O) the search would be narrowed down to
George Schulz (Search string now changes from GE to GEO)

If I pressed the left-Arrow-Button (for example) the search would be broadened again to GE displaying

Geerd VanZandt
Gerhard Miller
George Schulz


It is vital for our customers that the whole thing works exacty as described because they want a cellphone-like look&feel

Can you guys at yealink imagine to implement something like that? I think many people would appreciate such a functionality...

I'll second that request across all firmwares... for all 2x,3x and 4x devices.
(05-16-2013 11:02 PM)craigreilly Wrote: [ -> ]I'll second that request across all firmwares... for all 2x,3x and 4x devices.


this is exactly that we are looking for. this would be much appreciated.


Normally I don't do this in Forums, but as the thread has been dead for some while, I cannot resist ;-)

Did you guys at Yealink Support already have time to think about the Feature mentioned above? Is it feasible? We have an new Project in our queue, and the functionality migh be vital for the choice of phones

Hi George,
1. Sorry for our delay. There's some adjustment about our Forum, so there's some delay.
2. Now our T2X and T4X latest V71 beta firmware can support search in XML phonebook. But T3X firmware is still not released.
3. What's the model do you have now? So i can send our V71 beta firmware for you testing.
4. Because these are still beta firmware, they can just for testing, but can't for deployment.
5. Could you let us know more about your project? For example, the quantity, the model, the market...
And where are you from? So i can introduce our special technical support team and sales to help you with a higher priority. Forum has lower priority.
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