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Full Version: Auto Provsioning EOL products and devices that do dont have recent firmware releases
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Hi All

I am sure we are all struggling with this issue where handsets do not auto provision unless we have the latest firmware installed due to certificate errors but it is now getting annoying when customers have a EOL Product for example T46G handsets and there is no update and we manually have to change only accept trusted certificates = disabled on a factory reset. So we can successfully auto provision the handset.

I have a suggestion to YEALINK once EOL happens the most recent firmware should be updated with
only accept trusted certificates = Disabled.
So when a factory reset is completed they phone can auto provision successfully.

I also have a batch of W60P that latest firmware is W60B- released 1-7-2021 and we have the same issue where they wont auto provision and need to edit the only accept trusted certificate on each base!

Does anyone else have a idea or a hack that we can edit the firmware file and change this default! Big Grin

That's my winge for today
Use HTTP provisioning to set the trust setting to disabled. Do not send any SIP credentials to the phone... only firmware updates.

As part of the HTTP provisioning, push a HTTPS provisioning url to overwrite the original provisioning url.

This is possible either via Option 66 or Yealink RPS.

If you're using option 66... my suggestion is to push HTTP to all phones... have them update... then change option 66 to HTTPS, reboot. Now you're on HTTPS provisioning to push credentials and other configs.
You can also try FTP auto provisioning manually or with option 66.
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