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Full Version: Unable to make calls - Path Busy - Yealink W60B/W56H
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Recently client is getting an error on a W56H handset, it says
Error Message “Global Error” and “ Path Busy”
They can’t answer incoming calls and also they can’t call out.

I traced it back to a power dip on the W60 Base, after I logged on to the base, calls started to work again, very difficult issue to pin point, on the base SIP was registered
So this point to a issue between the Handset and the base.

I asked the client to Switch off the Handset as well after a power dip to mitigate the issue.

I have setup external logs and could see this from the base station.

[Image: nK8pLN.jpg]

Does anyone have advice how to resolve this

I see there is other customers that also complains about this
Other issue

Phone and handset is on the latest firmware as of oct 2021

Hello, I have a client that is intermittently having the same issue with their W60P and 7 W56H handsets, any luck in resolving this yet? It typically only happens when they call out, and usually if they try calling out again after getting the error, it works. I also noticed that sometimes when checking the status of the base from a handset, that gets the Path Busy error as well.

Base station and handsets are all on the latest versions of firmware. Have tried swapping out their router with a different model, made no difference as far as this issue goes.

If the W60P is on a remote location, then please check if:
The SIP ALG feature in the router is disabled,
SIP/RTP ports are forwarded to the base station,
Access to STUN server is correctly setup
Use a fixed IP address.
Hi Frank

Traffic from the W60B is routed via a VIBE router in rain mode to the SIP server
SIP ALG is not a issue, there is no NAT

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