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Full Version: Cannot disable audible Park notifications during active call
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Hi, group.
I'm having another weird one..

T46S (currently on, but issue presents on v85 and v84 also)
Broadworks Broadsoft
Park method: xsi
BLF are on phone

I can use the following params/values, and it will indeed silence any audible notifications about a parked call **on an idle phone**
features.parked_call_monitor.blf.ring_type = Resource:Silent.wav
features.pickup.blf_audio_enable = 0

My issue is when a user who is monitoring Park via BLF is on an active call,
and there is a call parked. The phone will alert every 10 seconds, and I cannot seem to disable this. It's pretty annoying when the cu has multiple park orbits and a decent call volume. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Did you find a solution, I have the same issue? Thanks
No, I have not found one yet. I am raising through our company directly to Yealink; I am guessing it will take a new FW release. I will update if/when I learn anything!!

please see if the above works for you; it seems it did the trick for me..
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