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Full Version: Setting of lang.gui via remote provisioning
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Hi all,

I have a question about provisioning a custom languagefile.

I have made a custom languagefile. When i provision the file using gui_lang.url i see the new language in the menu and i can choose it. Perfect! but now i want to also change the gui language as soon as the new languagefile has been uploaded.
I made a test.cfg and uploaded it via the webgui to the phone:


lang.gui = Cloudaware
gui_lang.url = <provisioningurl>/lang-Cloudaware.txt

And that works. The language gets uploaded to the phone, the language is changed and the auto provisioning url is also changed.

Now i put this test.cfg on my provisioning server and i change the provisioning url to that file: <provisioningurl>/test.cfg

I can see in the Apache serverlog that the file gets downloaded. On the phone i see the new language is AVAILABLE in the menu, but unlike when i import the config, the language is not actually changed to this new language. The new autoprovisioning url does get applied, so i am sure the configuration file gets applied on the phone. It is just that when remotely provisioning "lang.gui" is not applied. Does anybody have an idea of what may be the issue here?
Here is the level6 debug log from the phone (i removed loads of lines that are not too relevant:

#Get the provisioning document
Oct 26 19:06:05 ATP [723.756]: DURL<6+info > [DCMN]GET /test.cfg HTTP/1.1
#Provisioning document downloaded successfully
Oct 26 19:06:05 ATP [723.756]: DURL<6+info > [DCMN]Recode is 200, Request ok.

Get the custom languagefile
Oct 26 19:06:05 ATP [723.756]: DURL<6+info > [DCMN]GET /lang-Cloudaware.txt HTTP/1.1
#Downloaded successfully
Oct 26 19:06:05 ATP [723.756]: DURL<6+info > [DCMN]HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Oct 26 19:06:07 ATP [723.756]: DURL<6+info > [DCMN]Recode is 200, Request ok.

#One single error about the particular line that i already know is not being applied
Oct 26 19:06:07 ATP [723.756]: ATP <6+info > AUTOP: gui_lang.url [Fail].

So i can actually see in the logs that this is going wrong. But the weird thing is: this does not happen if i download test.cfg and then import it via the webgui. So i am assuming the contents of this file are correct.
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