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Full Version: Handset registration failure "Synchronizing. Please try later."
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I am trying to register a new handset on my W52P. I have no handsets registered.
I press the "Start Registration" button in the GUI which begins the process.
On the handset I begin registration.
I get a message "Easy Pairing" then "Synchronizing. Please try later."
I have never had this issue in the past.

I tried a factory reset from the GUI with no luck, and it didn't seem to actually reset anything.

W52P (no handsets registered right now)
W53H (replacing a W52H which was having the same issue; I have other W53H's on W52P's, so that isn't the issue)

Also, I can't log into Yealink support anymore for some reason. Clicking login after entering my credentials doesn't do anything at all.
I think I have figured out the issue. When you click Reg on the main screen of the handset, it tries the easy pairing feature which fails. Once I went into Registration via the menus and registered on Base 1, the handset registered without a problem. I hope this help anyone else with this bug/issue.
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