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Full Version: WH66 + 3CX = not perfect yet
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since there is unfortunately no separate board for the WH series yet, I'll post it here (Idea: please make a sub-section for your new WH series Wink)

We just bought a lot of WH66 and I'm just about to deploy them. Unfortunately I had to find out that the compatibility with 3CX installations is not really satisfactory. Through the 3CX plugin you released at least inbound calls are working as expected.
But what about outbound calls? If I click on the "PC-Softphone" button on the display of the WH66 and dial a number, unfortunately nothing happens. In other words, the number dialed is not transferred to the 3CX Softphone Client.
Can this be implemented (as soon as possible) please?

I hope that you can quickly find a solution here.

Thank you, best regards from Austria
Andreas S.

Oh yes, in addition to the fact that outbound calls do not work, with inbound calls unfortunately the name of the caller is not shown on the display, can this also be implemented, please?
not even an answer on this for over 1 year is not showing lot's of interest into your customers ... still WH66 isn't fully integrated into 3CX ... no Caller Information on the Display, ...
really a pitty ... would have been a really great Series of Wireless DECT Phone ...
im glad Yealink take something like this seriously.... been waiting for an update on this myself.
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