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Full Version: Disable or remove DND Button on Screen of VP530
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i am new in forum and a new user of Yealink and Working with ,
IP Video Phone : VP530.
Firmware Version :
Hardware Version :
I have facing the some problems and wanting to disable the DND button on display.
i am trying to upload directly the configuration file to the phone.
I run the CfgGenerator - CGT2.0.0.11
select vp530 > advance configuration > select features > add
features.dnd.allow = 0
and save the file named, "y000000000023.cfg" .
but when i tried to upload that cfg file to the phone by web browser > Phone > configuration > Export / Import Config > choose file > then click on Import . but it replied "Invalid file name" . Huh i also tried with "0015653D561E.cfg" (MAC ADD) but the result was same.
Am i doing the wrong ? Can you help me out ?
thanks in advance
- Amit

for this , you need to use the auto provision feature , the cfg file can't import to the phone through web page

for how to upload the cfg file to VP530, you can refer to the auto provision guide of VP530 download from below link :


Thanks Michael
for this quick reply Smile
I hope it would be very helpful.
i will let you know after implementing it.
Thanks with regards
Dear Michael,
Good Day.
If i want to change just the DND key which config file i have to keep in TFTP source folder?

one is generated from "Yealink Configuration Generator Tool" where i modify the DND feature by adding features.dnd.allow = 0 and save the .cfg file
another one is the given Common.cfg and MAC-Oriented.cfg on VP530_M7 model file folder.

which one would i edit or create for just changing or disable the DND feature.

Thanks in advance
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