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Full Version: T19P - PoE problems
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We've been using several T19P phones powered with PoE switches for 4 years.
They've been running perfectly for 3 years but lately, we've been experiencing powering problems with some of them. Our switches are Allied Telesys and TP-Link.

The first symtom they showed was that some of them displayed "network not found" problems. After trying to reboot them they wouldn't power up anymore.
Some of them went simply off.

None would power up using regular PoE.

The only solution we found then was to use a regular power adapter. They would power up just fine.
Actually, and this is funny/weird..... they would power up ALSO with PoE WHEN connected to a power adapter WHILE this adapter was NOT plugged into any wall jack or power source.

Do you guys know a solution to this?

We tried to build a simple circuit (some resistor) to plug into the phone's power jack to stand in place of a power adapter but it didn't work correctly.
Do you know of such a circuit that we could build and use?
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