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Full Version: T27G EOL ?
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Local reseller told T27G like other T2X models are EOL.
While looking at Yealink web site, it seems several T2XP or T2YG models are EOL but several are not EOL.

1. Is there any official status between GA (General Availability) and EOL (End Of Life) for Yealink desktop or DECT phones ?

2. What is current T27G status ?

I got the same answer from my distributor.

T2 Series it's fully discontinued, and some T4 phones too.

T3 are really ugly and much expensive than T2 for the same functionality. And T5 it's far away of T29G and obviously it's price it's far away too.

Looking for new brand for VoIP phones.
T4 is discontinued? You heard something wrong...

Maybe they said that T4xG and T4xS are discontinued. The T4xU line was just released and is certainly available.

T29 replacement nowadays would be the T46U.
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