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Full Version: [unanswered] auto_provision.custom.sync Upload over HTTP?
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If you enable auto_provision.custom.sync and you use http/https for your provisioning server, how is the phone meant to upload the mac-local.cfg over http/https without a webpage being on the server to process the upload?

To my knowledge I don't think its possible to upload directly to a folder/directory using http... What am I missing?

Thanks, TJ
hi TJ

for this feature , you need to configure "auto_provision.custom.upload_method" also

for more details about how to upload the mac-local.cfg over http/https without a webpage being on the server to process the upload, please refer to the user guide download from below link :

page 56~~~66


Unfortunately I have already read that section of the manual and have tried setting that setting during my tests (I can get it to work over TFTP but hot http/https).

I'm using 3CX on a Windows box running IIS - can anyone explain to me how the cfg file is able to be written to the server without a Web page on the server to receive the upload? I'm aware of any "direct upload" functionality - is the http upload feature meant to be an advanced feature that you have to code up the upload functionality yourself? If so, what web page is it trying to post/put to?

Thanks, TJ

It would be nice, if "auto_provision.custom.protect=1" was set, the phone would also try to download the <MAC>-local.cfg by default - that doesn't cost anything :-). Then I could periodically upload the local files to the webserver manually. As I cannot give several phones the permission to upload themselves to the webserver for security reasons.

Sure with "auto_provision.custom.sync=1" set, it downloads the <MAC-local.cfg file, but also periodically tries to upload, which fails in my case and creates lots of unneeded errors in the log file.
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I'd like someone from Yealink to chime in if possible to explain what I'm doing wrong and/or explain how the http upload is meant to work without a web page handling the post/upload...

Thanks, TJ
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I'd like some guidance if anyone can help... Thanks...
Have the same question. Have a bootfile with the "overwrite_mode = 1" and made a user change, but nothing happend at the HTTP server (also not in the logging and have write rights enabled on the webfolder). My interpetation is that the changed user settings stay remained in the Phone memory after a reboot with this setting. But in the manual you can also interpetate it as the order of the configuration files can overwrite other configuration files...

Nobody from Yealink who can give a answer?

Is it possible to let the Phone upload the changed user settings to the provioning server with HTTP?

Regards, Jarno
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