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Full Version: T48G "Network Checking" never stops.
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I have multiple T48G phones and I put them on a switch with internet that all of my computers are working fine with and every phone upon bootup just sits on the "Network Checking" screen. The screen says "Zero Touch" in the top middle, has "No Service" in top left and the date/time top right. Most of the screen is white and says "Network Checking" and the bottom has a blank blue bar across it. These phones were all working on a Cudatel at an old business and when plugged in here they turned on and booted fine, once I do the reset to factory this happens. They will sit on this screen FOREVER. I left one on for days and it never stopped displaying this screen. I've tested for hours on multiple phones as well. Why would they do this? Why do they not cancel after X time or give an option for manual config? I have ZERO control, no buttons work, nothing on the touch screen responds. What can I do?

Mike K.
Hello Mike,

Can you please power phone without network connection. Disable LLDP under Menu-> Advanced-> Network-> LLDP then check again?

Maybe the same issue with dhcp like T46G. With vlan no dhcp. Try older firmware, OR disable "smartport" option on switch and disable lldp.

Hope Yealink find a sollution for this!
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