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Full Version: disable provisioning on T26P
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I recently bought a used T26P, and reset to factory defaults.
The firmware version is I am going to use it with FreePBX.

Whenever I power it on, after 2 minutes of initializing, a message appears
"Sending Provision Requests"...for another minute, then "update skipped!".

?? I have set up 3 other Yealink phones ( all with Freepbx ) and none of them
show this message. They also power up in just over a minute ( vs 2 ).

I checked the settings in the phone, but because I am a bit new to SIP
phones, I'm not sure where to look ( tried auto-provision under settings...)

Can anyone help me disable this message? I don't use auto-provisioning,
and I'd certainly like this phone to initialize more quickly!

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