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Full Version: config files: bin vs cfg file and local vs all?
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Hi. I've got a few questions about the config files that the phones allow you to export and import (I have t46gs, t20s and w52ps but I think my questions are more general):

1. I know the bin file the phones allow you to export/import includes wallpaper graphics (pics) as well as config setting the ONLY difference between the information in the bin file and the information in a .cfg file the wallpaper graphics (pics)? In other words, if I export all configuration file as a cfg file, is that a complete backup except for the wallpaper graphic?

2. What's the difference between exporting all configuration vs local configuration? I see that the local configuration .cfg file has far fewer lines, but what's the rule for what gets included in a local config?

3. From what I have read elsewhere on this forum, I gather that if I upgrade to firmware it's a good idea for me to factory reset the phone. If I do that, does it defeat the purpose to then import my old cfg file? I spent a lot of time getting the phones configured to the way I like and would hate to lose all that info.
Have you found out the difference between export local configuration and all configuration?
The change you do munually in web interface will be saved into local configuration file.
The change you do through provision or manually in web interface will be saved into all configuration file.

So all configuraion files contain more lines.
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