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Full Version: Enhanced DSS keys
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We use mainly yealink 48s on our HPBX via metaswitch and have successfully done a few macro strings like below for our conference bridge. Which is a 7 digit phone number followed by a pause the moderator code followed by #.
I'm looking to do something similar with a remote call forward button but it is a little more involved.
It would require 7 digit phone number, then enter 10 digit phone number followed by pound, then enter 4 digit pin followed by pound... then feature code which is *72 and hangup.

This is what we use for our conferenc bridge. XXXXXXX$Cwc$$Cp3$XXXXXX#$Tdtmf$ and it works great.
I've tried multiple attempts with the above and my problem seems to be when entering the 10 digit number it grabs a second "line" and dials it while putting the first one on hold.

Thanks in advance.
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