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Full Version: MP56 Multicast Listening
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We are a school that is using Teams for our telephony. We purchased (and love) the MP56 Teams edition phone. However, as a school we need multicast listening for our alerts, bells, and paging. If this phone is going to be in every classroom, we would need it to accept the bell tones and alerts. Is there any way to configure this on the MP56? I looked at the web gui, and the Directory tab wasn't there. I verified I was on the newest firmware, ( but still no dice.


Is there any way to configure multicast listening on this device? It's superior to all the other teams phone options currently on the market.

Thank you
I've discovered the T55A that we have for testing purposes can transition into Hybrid mode, and that when in that hybrid mode it has access to the missing directory panel. It would be really great to have that functionality in the MP56

I discovered by inserting the following lines in the configuration

features.hybrid_mode.enable = 1
features.hybrid_mode.quick_ball.enable = 1

I am able to get the directory tab to show up in the Yealink MP56 webgui. I'm testing whether the device can receive notifications over multicast.

We are able to send multicast pages to the T55A, but not the MP56, even with the WebGUI configured the exact same way as the T55A.

Is there something else we are missing?

On an related note, when in Teams mode on the T55A, we can receive multicast broadcasts but then the phone kicks over to the SIP mode and does NOT revert back. Is there a way to get the device to receive a broadcast and then go back into Teams automatically? We only need Hybrid for Multicast listening.

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