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Full Version: W80DM MultiCell System - second Line on W56H
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how can i deploy on a W80DM MultiCell System from Yealink with for Example, a W56H DECT Phone a second Line?


Here, i need a second Line for another Phone Number outgoing... any Ideas?

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Not sure where Yealink is / why they aren't active in these forums or where people are actually supposed to POST W80 and W90 related questions.
It bothered me that NO ONE had responded to you as I know what that feels like so I decided to drop you back a note and hopefully spur them to action.

We're working through some of these issues now ourselves - my understanding is that the system does NOT allow more than one line per phone. Guessing at the reason, it might simply be the matrix system mapping phones to handsets would be too complex?

We manage most of our requirements with single line per handset these days though, so should not be an issue for us.

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