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Full Version: W80B How to set as CS+DM
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could you explane me, how to set the W80B in CS+DM mode as I did in the previous FW
Now the W80B with FW is only CS mode and the change via Easy Switch (
1. Press on the W80B three times quickly in one second) doesn't work more.
If I change the FW from W80B- >> W80DM Interim- >> W80DM-, the device works as DM only and not in CS+DM.
Is the role CS+DM supported by the last W80B version?
Could you explane me how is changed on this matter?
Not sure where Yealink is / why they aren't active in these forums or where people are actually supposed to POST W80 and W90 related questions.
It bothered me that NO ONE had responded to you as I know what that feels like so I decided to drop you back a note and hopefully spur them to action.

There is newer firmware linked in the forums here - but not yet published on the site.
No idea why.
I found this in another post:
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