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Full Version: Yealink CA certificate
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In the manual "Using Security Certificates" there is not about factory-installed device certificates, that issued by Yealink CA. To authenticate device we need to put CA certificate in th web server settings, where we could download CA cert or what could be a way to retrieve it?

Quote:A unique device certificate: It is installed at the time of manufacture and is unique to an IP phone (based on the MAC address) and issued by the Yealink Certificate Authority (CA). This certificate is available on Yealink IP phones running firmware version 72 or later.
Dear Support,
me too have the same IgorG's issue.
Where can I download the Yealink Certificate Authority (CA)?
i.e. My trouble concerne W80DM
There are at least TWO Yealink CA certs that I know of. I have T42S and T46U signed by different Yealink CAs.

One for T42S is published here:
Look for Yealink Equipment Issuing CA.rar

To obtain the CA cert for T46U I opened a ticket, they provided the CA via the ticket, but refused to publish it. I mentioned it in
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