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Full Version: Additional microphones CPW90 don't work when connected via Bluetooth
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If I connect my CP960 to a PC with an USB cable - everything works fine, the small microphones light up green and I can go away up to 20 meters with them no problem.

But if I connect CP960 through bluetooth, they stop working, there's no green light. The base itself works, just the additional microphones refuse to. It's a new PC with Windows 10, drivers were installed automatically when I paired the devices.

I'd like to have it working by bluetooth, one ethernet cable is enough...
I do have the similar behavior. It looks like these are not 'compatible' when using bluetooth. They work fine when CP960 is used as a phone.
no mention of such limitation in documentation.
Is there any support's answer?
same problem with my CP960 + CPW90 extension mics : I'm not able to have them working, while connected to PC via bluetooth. Other information : CP960 used only as PC audio device, as no IP phone lines available so far (to come later). Microphones are seen by CP960 (status, charging or idle, speaking time) I can put them on or idle manually, everything working except audio coming to CP960. Only CP960 built'in microphones are active.
I will try to connect to PC with usb cable, as some say it can work, but whish is to have it working with Bluetooth.
How can I solve the problem ?
thanks for help
Update feb 15th: it's working when connected via usb cable. It confirms that problem is only occuring when using both dect & bluetooth radio at the same time. But not satisfied with this solution, a fix is highly expected.
Experiencing the same issue
Waiting for an update from my distributor - they said that the CPW90 uses a DECT connection, so it's not an issue with only one bluetooth device connected at a time.
I'll try to remember to post an update if I get a fix

Apparently this is just not supported by the CP960 due to lack of power availability to drive both bluetooth and dect connections at the same time (that's what I was told anyway).
I told my distributor that Yealink needs to make a clear warning that this is the case, as it is not documented anywhere
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