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Full Version: synchronizing please try again later / XSI Information is not complete
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This is now SOLVED but I wanted to post here, so that others may benefit. I will detail the fix in a post below, for ease. I've received help via the Yealink ticketing system. This should work for you if you do NOT use Broadworks

I had this issue:

I got this phone, and it said "XSI Information is not complete" when trying to view the call history
Then I downloaded firmware: and opened the ROM inside it. I uploaded it. It then said "Synchronizing. Please try again later" when trying to view the call history

I downloaded the latest firmware after this (W52H- and I get the issue there too

When I followed this guide:

I still had the same issue

An option for "Network Directory" exists, but if I click on "Enter" it just beeps, and goes back to the main screen with the time on it too
The W52P base has also been upgraded to the firmware "Base for W52P&W56P-"

I have only one phone, and one base station.


I was asked to export my bin file, for someone from Yealink to look at it. That's available at "Settings > Configuration > Export or Import Configuration" From there, you can export the .bin file

I was then told:

"Hello Sir,

I used your config and able to replicate the issue, may I know if you need to use broadwork xsi function? If you need to use xsi, then you need to fill in xsi authorization information as in this page:
[Image: 1597152227363066028.png]

Such info should be provided by the server provider. For example:
[Image: 1597152369117058576.png]

I advised that I don't need that, and can I mark it as disabled?

I was told

"Hello [REDACTED],

Yes, please import attached cfg file into your device, go by this path: Settings->Configuration->Import CFG configuration.

And if you don't even use Broadwork, please also copy below sentence into the cfg file:

bw.enable = 0"

The attachment is also available at:

I was incredibly wary of simply importing a config like that, as when you open it in notepad it ONLY says


bw.xsi.enable = 0

I really didn't want to over write my current configuration, so instead I downloaded my "All Settings" configuration file, and opened it in notepad. I then edited
bw.xsi.enable = 1
to instead say
bw.xsi.enable = 0
, and I imported that instead.

After editing
bw.xsi.disable.cfg = 1
bw.xsi.disable.cfg = 0
in the configuration that I exported, this now works after I've imported the configuration that I exported, and edited.

I've since tried to access my call history, and I can see it (After the phone registered to the base again)
I've tested making a call from the phone, and I've tested making a call to the phone too. Everything is cool now

Thank you for this detailed explanation.
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