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Full Version: How to Install an App on T58A
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Hello around,

i've read some topics around and it seems like an eternal question:

How can I install/deploy an App from an *.apk file?

I've set in my y*.boot-file

## The header above must appear as-is in the first line

include:config <805ec07d74f6.cfg>
include:config <805ec07d74f6-local.cfg>
include:config <y000000000058.cfg>
include:config <common.cfg>
include:config <app.cfg>

overwrite_mode = 1
specific_model.excluded_mode = 0

and I've set in my app.cfg

pm.version = standard
app.install_url =
app.permission = telegram-6-2-0.apk

no matter whether pm.version is set to standard or special but always nothing happens. The firmware version is (the latest afaik). The telegram-6-2-0 works well from android version 2.5+. My tftp server serves the *.apk-files correctly.

Do you have any suggestions? Which steps have to be carried out exactly?

Best regards.
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