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Full Version: Plans for T-48S Teams Firmware
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We happened to purchase T-48 and T-46 Skype for business phones in 2017 until late 2019. Currently these phones only support Skype for Business.

Does Yealink have plans on releasing a firmware update for these phones so they can be migrated to Teams before January 2021?

This seems like it would be necessary as anyone who purchased a Skype phone will need to move to Teams no later than 2023 and will not be able to add additional Skype phones after January 2021. This creates a situation where customers will no longer be able to use your phones that may only be 2-3 years old...
This topic has been out there for a 2 weeks or so now.

Is there any answer?
You're not the only customer in the same boat. I'd love to know if T48S support for Teams is in the works.
Yealink any reply to this???

The topic has been out there for months now without an answer.
This needs to be answered.

Is Yealink planning on releasing firmware or the ability to upgrade the software on the older Skype for Business phones to bring them in to Teams?
Looks like Yealink is not answering this question.

If Yealink can't remedy this issue, I will not be buying anymore Yealink products when it comes time to move to Teams, and will be recommending to anyone I speak with to also not buy Yealink products.
This will undoubtedly cause you to lose customers.

Looks like Polycom has competitive options available now, and support to go with them.
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