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Full Version: How to configure T27G TRAN key in Call Fwd Custom mode ?
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T27G phones have a TRAN key which is very convenient to use when Call Fwd mode is Phone and a single account is set.

How do you configure it in Call Fwd Custom mode ? I've tried with:
features.fwd.allow = 1
features.fwd_mode = 1
forward.idle_access_always_fwd.enable = 1 = 1
account.1.always_fwd.on_code = *60*9134*
account.1.always_fwd.off_code = *61*9134
programmablekey.14.type = 2
programmablekey.14.line = 1

When TRAN key is pressed, I would expect it to show an Always Forward menu with the following content:
Always fwd: Enable
Forward target: 1
On code: *60*9134*
Off code: *61*9134

With the above config, when TRAN key is pressed an Always Forward menu appears, which is fine but its content is empty as with:
Always fwd: Enable
Forward target:
On code:
Off code:

Then, if I edit this menu with valid Fwd target, on and off code, no On or Off code is sent over the network through my configured SIP account.

How can I debug this ?
In other words, how do you configure one phone Key to gather forwarding input for one SIP account, and an other phone Key to gather input for another SIP account ?

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