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Full Version: T4xx phones, load additional configuration after start possible?
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T4xx phones, autoprovisioned by an asterisk based PBX.

Is there a way I can tell the phones to automatically load an additional .cfg file, after the phone has started, without touching the .cfg files on the provisioning server?

Problem is that I do not have direct access to the .cfg files on the server.
I can, however, setup a few single additional instructions via a module someone has written (like account.1.nat.udp_update_enable = 3). I am using this also to add a hosted phonebook (

What I'd need is a way to add additional dsskey definitions and additional sip accounts which are not provisioned by the PBX.

Currently I have per-user .cfg files which I load manually via the web UI of each phone. This is very cumbersome and I am looking for a better way.

Is there one?

Thanks for any pointer

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