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Full Version: Add support for Online Directories lookup
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Please add support for Online Directories like Gigaset Voip DECT do:

With such functionality it is very easy to add CRM integration. We have an integration with our CRM system where Gigaset base during a call setup makes HTTP(s) GET request to CRM server like:


and server responds with XML like:

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>
<list response=“get_list” type=“pb” total=“1” first=“1” last=“1” reqid=“1”>
<fn>Persons or Company Full Name</fn>

and that is enough to show Caller’s name on the handset (if it is found in CRM).
Please tell me which CRM system do you use? If you made it yourself, in what environment? If you are using an existing paid CRM system, what is it called? As far as I know, many CRMs have integration with similar online catalogs. I am interested in the integration with Sailsforce. A very interesting topic, maybe someone can tell me how to do this? Any guide maybe?
Hi Alan,

We use it for "in house" CRM-system, but I believe it is possible for any CRM. The code is very simple - you just need to look up for CustomerName by the phone number in your Contacts table of your CRM database. And then return XML response like mentioned above. ~1 day of work if you have some programming skills.

But you'll need Gigaset VoIP phones (we use C610A IP and C530A IP).
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