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Full Version: VP59 Forward Programmable Key
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Is it normal that in VP59, you can not set a "value" for a "Forward" in "Programmable Key" ?

It works perfectly on T58A, but on VP59, the "value" entry is greyed.

Thank you for your support.
Why are you trying to set the value in the "Programmable Key" section? That is for the soft keys that are active during a call. It would seem strange to me to only be able to forward active calls to some pre-defined user?...

DSS keys are a different story. If you'd like to setup a DSS key that will activate/deactivate call forwarding to a specific extension you can do that without issue, the setting is under Line Keys.

These softkeys are usefull because they appears like "big buttons" on home screen. They can be used for activate/deactivate call forwarding to a specific extension (like DSS keys as you mentionned), but not only during a call. In T58A you can choose the value, not in VP59. For ergonomic reasons, we prefer to reserve DSS keys to BLF and put big forward shortcuts on VP59 home screen.

Thank you.
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