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Full Version: T46s: date is 24 hours ahead (alerts/call log)
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We have several T46s devices.

The issue is a 24 hours difference with meeting alert an call log.
We setup the devices with a ntp server and our time zone
The current date and time is shown on the device screen and is CORRECT.

1) Meeting alerts are all shown a day late. The alert from meetings on Monday are shown on Teusday, at the same time. When viewing the details on the T46s, the date is shown fro Tuesday. The meeting is scheduled in Outlook 2019 and Office365 on Monday.
2) Cal logs are all 24 hours agead. Calls made today are shown in the call log for tommorrow. Call made on the 26th of February are shwon in the call log on the 27th of February.

Info on the T46s:
Firmware Version
Hardware Version

Any ideas how to fix this?
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