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Full Version: Some calls missing from Paced Calls History
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On T58A (but could be the same on other models), some calls are missing from "Placed Calls " on Calls History.

I investigated this bug and found out that these calls are missing from history only when they are placed by first typing number in keypad then click on "send" or typing on "spekerphone key" on keypad.

When first you type on "speakerphone key" then compose number, you can find the placed call in history. Identical when first you take the line then compose number.

But when you first compose number: the call never appears in calls history (even if the call is well done).

Is there a way to have this kind of composition appears in call history?

Thank you for your help.
While I do not have an answer as to why this is happening to you, I can tell that on my T58A this issue doesn't happen.

Even when entering the number and then pressing "Send" on the screen, or pressing the "Speakerphone key", it will show up in the Placed Calls list.
Thank you for your reply. If anyone have the same problem and found a way to resolve it... feel free to reply! ;o)
I found the guilty: "Shared Line" (in Account / Advanced Settings) was not "Disabled". As far as it is disabled, it works properly.
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