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Full Version: y000000000000.boot and encrypted config files
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Currently, I'm using an old auto-provisioning mechanism.
Now I'm trying to switch to new mechanism, but the phone is not requesting mac_Security.enc files after downloading y000000000000.boot file.
Here is my .boot file. Please help

## The header above must appear as-is in the first line
##[$MODEL]include:config <xxx.cfg>
##[$MODEL,$MODEL]include:config "xxx.cfg"

[T53W]include:config <y000000000095.cfg>
include:config <$MAC.cfg>
overwrite_mode = 1
any feedback?
(01-08-2020 05:12 AM)kapetrosyan Wrote: [ -> ]any feedback?

Check this document that describes how it works in both the old and new provisioning setups:
Yealink Configuration Encryption Tool User Guide_V82_20.pdf

Look specifically starting around page 10 where it talks about using the "New Provisioning". Key is you need to make sure you have static.auto_provision.aes_key_in_file=1

Set in an unencrypted configuration file that the .boot file requests BEFORE the other encrypted config files.
It still not working for me.
Can you please provide me with the sample of working files?
I need only
y000000000095.cfg (non encrypted)
mac.cfg (encrypted) (i will do encryption part)

If you can provide with the working sample of the files, i will set my phones mac address for mac.cfg, i will encrypt it and try to provision.
Did you make sure that "static.auto_provision.aes_key_in_file=1" was in your non-encrypted "y000000000095.cfg" file?

The rest of your setup looks ok. I don't have access to my test provisioning system right now but I'll try and run your files tomorrow and confirm that they are working properly on my side.
Yes, here are my y000000000095.cfg and y000000000000.boot files.
Any feedback on my issue?
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