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Full Version: Register to the multi tenant PBX (where is right forum to post?)
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Hi all,

We use our IP Phone to register to the multi-tenant PBX, the PBX IP is 45.55.185.*, the port is 5060 on UDP, the PBX has three tenants, the SIP domain for the tenants are,, (these domains are not resolvable).

Now if I want to register the extension 1001 to tenant 2 (SIP domain is, how can I enter the SIP server and SIP domain in T4x?

We using the portsip pbx (



Dear Customer,

Good day. This is Garry from Yealink Support Team.

First, you need to make it clear to the service provider whether they support IP address registration or domain name registration, and you need to obtain full account information.
Then you can then follow the instructions on pages 313 to 317 in the attached Guide and try to register an account on the phone web page.
Attachment 2 is an account registration case.

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