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Full Version: Zoom Room Setup - NO License page, Webserver will not enable, Plugin not working
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Got the CP960, trying to use with Zoom Rooms, has anyone else actually been able to get this working? here are my list of issues, cannot believe it is this difficult

- POE supplying power, but dont want to use it for network, so enable WIFI

- WIFI works fine and is on same network as PC running Zoom Rooms and Yealink Zoom Rooms Client

- Following instructions from Zoom and from Yealink, but either they are outdated or wrong or both.

- Webserver on phone does not stay enabled, no matter what I try, WIFI, wired, static, DHCP, always boots from change to enable webserver, then reboots automatically and when it comes back up, disabled frustrating.

- Yealink webserver (when I have somehow made it work, for a few minutes) does not have a LICENSE section under SETTINGS - or anywhere in the webserver portal. How do I add a LICENSE??

- Zoom Room Firmware - downloaded latest one and installed, and Zoom Rooms shows up, so that works....but -

- Zoom Room Yealink PLUGIN - never connects, just shows disconnected, and Media and Signal Port - not sure where on the phone to set those, that setting does not exist anywhere in the webserver or phone admin area.

So painful!!

If anyone has experience here that would be great, we timed our purchase perfectly, Yealink has been out on a company closure for 7 days and so no response on our tickets, so trying the forums

Thank you for any help
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