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Full Version: See which account is being called
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We are using T46G phones with multiple accounts - how can we see, when a phone has multiple accounts being used, which account is actually the one being called???

i have tested, for this kind of situation, please focus to the LED of the line key,

when it is on a call , it is long green color

when it is not on a call , no LED is light up

when it is on hold, it is green color flash


What about if the line key isn't on the first page? Will it switch focus?

As an alternative, would it be possible to show the account name in the call info pop up?
This may be possible through your PBX, the system I used to use had a call rule which allowed us to change the display. The downside with this is you may not be able to configure the rule in such a way to show the inbound number
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