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Full Version: CP920 Flashes "Network Unavailable" when on call, WIFI
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Good morning,

I just purchased a CP920 to use via WIFI with my 3CX phone system. When using a network cable, all is well.

When I just use the power supply + wifi, the phone seems to function properly, but will flash "Network Unavailable" about 20-30 seconds into the call, then continues to do it throughout the call, but the phone doesn't actually disconnect.

Plug it back into network cable, and it stops. All on the same LAN.



While sitting idle, the phone also flashes a note stating "IPv4 Conflict". Same interval as the "Network Unavailable" message when on a call. This occurs using both DHCP or giving the phone a static IP.
Hi Jim,

This is Evan from Yealink Support Team. As we talked in Yealink ticket system.

Please upgrade your phone to the latest firmware for testing, also will ask R&D to help, and update to you soon.

Best Regards,
Evan You
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