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Full Version: Cannot enter long distance code
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I'm hoping someone may have an answer to a problem we're running into with our Yealink CP960.

Our organization uses 3-digit long distance codes when someone in the building dials out to another area code that's not local, which is used for tracking for billing purposes. Normally, after dialing 9-1-area code-prefix-suffix, the line beeps 3 times with the last beep going back to the tone, which is when you put in the 3-digit code to complete the call.

Well with the CP960, you cannot enter this 3-digit code, as when you put in the long distance number and hit the Dial button the line opens and dials the number, but there's no number pad available to enter the 3-digit code while the dial tone is going. The number pad only seems to re-appear after a call has successfully connected.

I've tried using the # symbol as a pause, but when it dials out, it comes back with an "Invalid Number" message.

I've looked through the settings of the Yealink web config page, and cannot find anything that changes the dial behavior to allow this.

Does anybody know how to configure a Yealink CP960 to allow the long distance code to be entered at the end? Is it even possible?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Are you connecting the CP960 directly to an analog line to do this, or is the dialtone prompt being generated by some kind of SIP PBX?

If its a PBX, that's a very strange behaviour because normally the call would be answered, the PBX would prompt you for the code, and then the system would dial out the call or tell you the code was invalid.

If it's an analogue line direct from a provider (or some kind of analog port on an old PBX) that makes more sense, but in those cases I'm pretty sure the answer is no, not possible, as the phone does not have a way of knowing when to present the dialpad and send digits. You might be able to convince Yealink to do a special version of a firmware build for you, but that seems like a lot of ask for one very unusual setup...
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