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Full Version: Hold Pickup From Remote Freeswitch
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We have yealink a lot of T48g phones and can't seem to figure out how to do a remote pickup, when someone put a caller on hold.


There's 2 phones at the front desk that rings when a call comes in.

The user would like to place the call on hold on phone1 and pick it up on the other phone phone2 by just pressing the button, the user wants the ability to place the call on hold on hold if they pleases on phone2 and then pick it back up on phone1

Any help achieving this would help...

We have freeswitch which support SLA


thanks for your information

for the pick up issue, please check that the server can support this issue, and then make sure that the configuration is correct , you can refer to the user gauide , page 316--327, guide download link :

if the configuration is correct , then upgrade the T48 to the last firmware and reset to test again

firmware is, download link :
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