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Full Version: 3CX Added Recording BLF, Lost Others
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I have a deployment of Yealink T41 handsets. IIRC, we set up the BLFs to be one-button call forwarding. Last week I set their first button to be a record button by copying the Yealink T4x template and changing "linekey.1.type = 0" to be "linekey.1.type = 25".

The recording works great, but they've lost their ability to transfer.

I have verified the extensions still have their BLFs set in the 3CX management console.

Before I go on-site to see what they're talking about, what should I be looking for? Obviously, I'll roll one of the extensions back to the stock template to verify functionality.
Dear Customer

Thanks for your report .

Do you mean that you want one key to ace as Record and BLF at the same time which means when you press it it can record the call and it will also show BLF status at the same time ?

If yes, I am sorry that it is not supported for the present .

If you need to use it , you need to set one key just as recode for all calls and then set other keys as BLF, then it will OK to transfer the call when you press it .

Hope that I have make it clear to you Smile

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