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Full Version: Unable to apply for YDMP license due to unverified machine-Id
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I recently installed the Yealink Device Management Platform on a Linux VM, but I'm unable to add any devices without a license.
I tried to apply for a temporary license on the website, but I'm unable to figure out what the form means with the machineId field. Initially I thought that I had the provide the machine-id located in the /etc/machine-id file of my centos server running YDMP, but I always get the message that the machine-id is unverified.
[Image: iiHu9t3.png]

Does anyone know what the problem might be?
Thanks in advance,
I have the same problem.
Same Here, I opened a ticket because in addition the email is not working....
did you find a solution ?
Same problem.
Does anyone have a solution?
It really makes me regret going the yealink route with no response from yealink onthese forums.

I also have the same issue. And there is little information about licensing and how to go about it.
The YDMP is primarily managed through the reseller network and their associated management contacts. If you reach out to whomever you purchased your phones from they should be able to set you up with additional licenses and a support contact for the platform itself.

Alternatively open a support ticket as the ticketing system is far more properly managed and maintained than the forums. (Yealink leaves these as "Community forums" and while they have staff that drop in now and again the majority of the time all those members do is say "Open a ticket"). Most of the detailed responses/answers here are delivered by other users/peers.
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